Thursday, June 22, 2006

Y'know, The Ford thought he had a messed-up sleep schedule before.

But The Ford, Hawaiian Style? Yowza, man.

The problem: Hawaii is SIX hours behind Ford Standard Time, also known as Eastern Daylight Time to you, dear readers.

Ordinarily, this might just bring Ford Standard Time in line with most folks' normal operating times.

And yet, not so much.

For example...

The Ford was up until 5:30 a.m. Hawaii Standard, watching the U.S. beat Ghana, and then get SCREWED by the officials. (No Daylight Savings here. Apparently, they're tired of the whole daylight thing. These are my people.)

He then slept for 7 hours, a decent amount of time, not too hedonisitic, but long enough to let the body fix what it needs to fix.

Of course, in Ford Standard Time, he was getting up at 8:30 at night. Which is late, even for him.

Then again, it's tough for The Ford to remember this, since he's adjusted all his watches and cell phones to Hawaii time, all the better to actually interact with folks in Hawaii.

Until he blogs, and activates the one remaining link to Ford Standard Time, the clock on The Official Laptop. So, he's sitting here, right now, typing this sentence, and marveling at how little he's done at 9:30 at night, FST.

But hey, the sky is blue, the sea is rolling, and the night is young. Or old.

The Ford's not really sure, but he's ready to find out.

Thus Timeth The Ford.


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