Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A sampling of the things The Ford has learned today:

1.) It is apparently, thanks to the roundness of the globe (Thanks, Columbus!), to fly from Seattle to London in less time than it takes to fly from Detroit to Maui. Even with a layover that's barely 30 minutes.

2.) Jack in The Box is exactly as good as The Ford remembers. Bacon Bacon Cheeseburgers for life!

3.) Maui: The beach is nice, but the traffic ain't.

4.) A horrid, horrid plane ride, made only slightly better by the hotness of the female lead in "Annapolis.," Jordana Brewster.

Almost made The Ford want to join the Navy. Almost.

More to come later from The Official Hawaiian Vacation of The Official Blog of The Ford.


At 4:15 AM, June 22, 2006, Blogger Asian Thought said...

Please don't take your shirt off. Please. That's my home state. Don't sully it. Please.

At 4:19 AM, June 22, 2006, Blogger The Ford said...

You got a lotta home states, fella.


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