Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yes, The Ford apologizes for his day off from blogging.

And yes, it may be another day before The Ford has another post of substance. (If, indeed, any of The Ford's posts can be called that...)

On the bright side, The Ford's headed to Maui for a wedding, and taking The Official Laptop, as well as The Official Lap, so he should be able to get into all sorts of the kind of fun that makes for great blogging.

Or else he'll just be giving an in-depth review of The Official Hotel Room. Should be fun -- and horrendously expensive -- either way.

Not to mention a chance to make the "The Ford got lei'd in Maui" joke oodles of times.

Admittedly, it's a funnier joke when said out loud, but The Ford's always assumed his readers had someone read the posts to them; that's the upscale demographic The Ford caters to with his tales of booze, beer, broads and baseball. (Yes, one could argue that booze and beer are redundant; the one who would has obviously not partied with The Ford.)

For now, though, The Ford's gonna leave you with this, in which Nicole Ritchie officially joins the ranks of the great erection creator/deflators. Meg Ryan would be proud. And this, in which The Ford reminds his readers that he's pretty sure Emma Watson isn't even 18. Or all that smart, despite being British. (Say what you will about The Ford, the only evidence of his drunken debauchery is easily deniable blog postings.)


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