Friday, June 23, 2006

Lest anyone worry the presence of sun, surf, and readily-available Jack in the Box will lure The Ford into a permanent Hawaiian vacation, here's the top things that have bugged The Ford today:

1.) The time. Maui pretty much shuts down around 10 p.m., a really annoying thing when you're still running on Ford Standard Time.

2.) The lizards. The Ford has seen his share of rodents, birds, snakes, and bugs make a pest of themselves, and he's able to deal with them all. (Except for ants. Ants creep out The Ford something fierce.) But lizards? Not just outside, either. The Ford spent several minutes chasing a tiny inch-long lizard out the door of his suite.

Again, a nice place to visit, but wherever lizards are, pretty soon, that's where The Ford ain't.


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