Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Ford supposes that being able to sign up for cable entirely online has its perks, such as not having to talk to an actual Comcast representative.
Of course, in the event that Comcast doesn't believe your building exists, you're also unable to yell at the representative and lay out a well-reasoned logical argument that they damn well know my building exists, since all of the neighbors in The Official Building have Comcast cable.
Which is probably also good, The Ford supposes, since he's much less likely to see his blood pressure skyrocket in a short period of time.
Indeed, all would be good, except for two things:
1.) The Ford is still without cable.
2.) The Ford will still have to actually CALL Comcast, and talk to an actual person, which would be fine, really, except for The Ford's sinking feeling that the actual person will be just as skeptical of the existence of The Official Building.
Technology is great, ain't it?


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