Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fordometer is still high, thanks to the wonders of direct deposit.
People, I have just gained 4-5 hours of my life back every week. Time that I shall now invest in a cable connection, and perhaps a new laptop, eventually.
Of course, because the Fordometer is like the moon and the tide -- even as it waxes, you know it must wane -- I'm now being driven nuts by the WSU men's hoops team.
I swartaGahd I keep thinking I'm going to give up on them, and then they go and lose by 2 points to a decent team. (Tonight, it was possibly NCAA-bound Cal.) And I go crazy in the newsroom. It's gotten to where I think that if they're going to lose, they could just lose by 30. But no, they've gotta play every damn team tough. Unless they only score 10 in the first half, like they did last week against Oregon.
A men's basketball team that's never won a damn thing in your lifetime is no reason to drink, right?

Links galore!
Yes, I've finally figured out that just providing some links is much easier than actual original content. I wonder if anyone else is hip to this. Hope not.

Anyway, Weirdness No.1:
The Asian Playboy.
No comment on the effectiveness of this dude's blog, though I'm mildly impressed by the hotness of the women the dudes are with. Of course, not being asian, perhaps his tips will not help me. I'm mostly curious to see how wooing foxy women is different for asian men.

Weirdness No. 2:
The Hair Hat
Yeah, I'm stealing this from a buddy's group blog. I don't care. It's amusing:
A.) For the Hair Hat itself, and ...
B.) For the apparently phonetic quoting of the man with the amazing hair. I can't think of a single paper in America that would quote anyone quite this unintelligibly, much less a black man. (The only people who get free passes on talkin' folksy are old, white, old college football coaches. And even their stuff gets cleaned up slightly.)
It's a must-read, though you might wait until you get home, unless you want your coworkers "reading" along as you sound out the quotes. (IS there a Jamaican "Speak 'n' Say," by the way?)

Weirdness No. 3
OK, I think Michael Huff is fucking with anyone reading his blog. I think. Then again, he went to Texas. When's the last time you heard of a Texas player known for his superb sense of humor. So maybe he does wantfor nothing more than to buy an IHOP. I certainly won't stand in his way; it's the little dreams that lubricate our lives. Me, I'm holding out for a Waffle House.


At 2:04 AM, February 25, 2006, Anonymous Jenn said...

Here's a link for you to look at:

HA! You getting excited about your Best Man duties?

At 6:23 AM, February 25, 2006, Blogger The Asian Playboy said...

LOL, thanks. With regards to how it's different usually it's a couple of things. One's internal and the other is external.

Internally, a lot of AMs (Asian Men) have to deal with various forms of prejudice/racism so it tends to hurt their level of confidence: perhaps less likely to approach, not being aware of when a girl is shooting them IOIs (indicators of interest, etc).

Externally, is- again- the prejudice. While I don't think it's at the level that my fellow AMs make it out to be, it is there and tends to make it slightly more difficult. It's there, but a lot of AMs blow it up to herculean proportions. Just gotta work at it harder than- say- a white person.

But having said all that however, approaching and picking up women is pretty much the same, regardless. They still respond to the same stimuli, namely Looks, Money/Power, and the all equalizer, Game (ie personality, sense of humor, sexuality, aggressiveness, and dominance).

At 3:30 PM, February 26, 2006, Anonymous Tru said...

Next for the hair hat guy - Golden Palace offers him $100,000 for rights to the front of his hat.


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