Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A lesson for everyone, while I ponder my dining choices late at night...
In the way that things like this often happen ... I got an e-mail the other day from a girl I knew in high school, through an online student reunion site that -- because of its insane/inane insistence on both charging for access AND accepting advertisements -- shall remain nameless. (It rhymes with shmassmates-dot-bomb, fyi.)
I'm in a chat room with some folks, and they start talking myspace.com, which apparently the whole world is on. Bands, porn stars, high school geeks, TV shows, you name it, it's there. (In fact, this whole last paragraph is probably worthless. Who doesn't know about myspace that would be reading my blog? You, dear reader, you. At least, that's what I choose to believe.)
I mean, even I'm on there.
And trust me, when I show up to an online party, people, it's got one leg over the shark and it's falling fast.
So, I go on there to drop her a line, and she's left me a message to look her up on ... yep, myspace.
At the same time this whole myspace conversation is going on in the chat room.
Is it karma, or convergence? Or karma/convergence?
'Cause while FURY is The Official Emotion of The Official Blog of The Ford, we might have to start rethinking this thing. Karma/convergence (though not technically neither an emotion nor a word) may become a secondary Official Emotion of "Thus Sayeth The Ford."
Just as soon as somebody ponies up some cash. (You don't get official status with The Ford for nothing, people.)

And in other news...
Look, I love FX. In a perfect world, where I had all kinds of time to watch TV, it would get probably 25 percent of my TV viewing time. Great original shows, all my fave old Fox sitcoms, plus endless repeats of Buffy. Awesome.
But when they're trying stuff like this:
... maybe it's time to pull in the reigns.
Now, I'm not gonna diss Ice Cube. 'Cause I'm pretty sure he could eff me up.
But this whole thing just feels very...Fox-like.
And really, FX, I expected better from you. You're like the one person in the Fox family that's not a f--kup, spending his week drinking and whoring it up. No, you may occasionally pander to a common demoninator, but never the LOWEST common demoninator. I respected you for that. That's what TV should be.
But turning black folks white and white folks black, so they can discover that things are different on the other side of the fence?
I liked that the first time. When it was a Chapelle's Show sketch.
'Nuff said.


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