Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Ford sees himself like The Incredible Hulk.

No, it's not that he smashes buildings, destoys tanks, or has a greenish/gray skin tone (though the latter may be true by the time he's finished working on a baseball preview section.).

No, it's more that he can be wandering along, dealing with women in all walks of life without getting especially aroused, and then he meets a gal who gets his gonads churning.

In shot, you wouldn't like The Ford when he's horny....

Saturday night, it was this little chickadee who wandered into the The Official Buffalo Wing Joint of The Official Blog of The Ford.

Nothing truly special: She was about five feet tall, with a bust size easily in the 34-36DD range, wearing a short skirt and wobbling around on ridiculously high high heels. The Ford's not a dedicated breast or leg man, nor does he encourage the women he likes to be hobbled by their shoes.

But folks, one look at this gal, and The Ford was hard pressed to keep his mind on his din-din of boneless buffalo wings and Labatt's. Put another way, his dinner was the only boneless thing at his table after Madam Double-D wandered by.

Of course, it's not like The Ford went and talked to her; she was hanging out with multiple male and female friends. But it was sorta shocking how quickly The Ford could go from focusing on fine, fine buffalo wings and a fine, fine hockey game, to focusing on a fine, fine lady.

Not exactly a reassuring sign to a fella who prides himself on mental control.

And, now, if you'll excuse The Ford, he may or may not be off to a titty bar previously mentioned in The Official Blog.


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