Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh, Canada?
TheFord started his Saturday listening to the excellent Canadian alt-rock station 89x, which may or may not be also known as CBC 3, depending on how The Ford's neighbors to the south name their radio stations, as they're reporting from SXSW, which is pretty awesome in its own right.
The 20 minutes of coverage of Canadian bands at SXSW had The Ford singing "Oh Canada" in the shower, presumably to the annoyance of his neighbors, and to the disgust of his readers, who are now starting to picture The Ford in the shower. (Who says The Ford doesn't write for his female readers?)
He then ended up watching most of the Red Wings-Oilers game, starting on Fox Sports, but ending on CBC, where he was privy to the CBC's excelsior Hockey Night After Hours, which featured Manny Legace giving a shoutout to Detroit sports fans, noting that "they're hard on their goalies and their quarterbacks." Good to know Manny's a Joey fan.
All the while, he's drinking Labatt's Blue, the Americanized version at The Official Buffalo Wing Joint of The Official Blog of The Ford, and the imported version at The Official Bar of The Official Blog of The Ford.
So, is it any wonder that while messing around on the web, reading various sports design sites which shall remain nameless (though not linkless, since they've already linked to The Official Blog, and fair's fair.), The Ford would come across Edmonton's Sunshine Girl of the Day?
I'll tell you what, it's nice when The Ford's day comes together like that, all solid and such.


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