Thursday, March 09, 2006

Apparently, The Official Blog of The Ford runs a little long sometimes, he's told.

He can't argue with this, though he notes he IS getting unpaid by the word.

Other notes:
"More semi-naked women!"

"More warning when you're going to run semi-naked women!"

"More paragraph breaks!"

"More semi-naked women!"

Folks, The Ford obviously walks a thin line when it comes to vague-quasi-partial nudity in his blog. (This is odd, considering the audience skews quite nerdly, as evidenced by the request for paragraph breaks.)

And yet, he's willing to walk that line. For you, the reader.

He's willing to give up his female readership for a boost in the lucrative "18-49, male, sports page designer" demographic.

But he won't give up his words. His babies. His prides and his joys.

At least, he won't until he figures out a way to segue into the hot women. Or until he can "sell out."

Either one.

Speaking of the hot women, it's a double dose of the FSU "Cowgirls" that seem to be all the rage right now:

First, an interview, mano-a-booby in the Tallahassee paper (what's pidgin Spanish for "breast"?), shockingly enough, by a woman. (Womano-a-booby?)
My favorite part?

Accoriding to the story, there's a 43-year-old dude named Roger Finger "helping" her with her Web site.

I could not make that up if I tried.

But wait, there's multiple Cowgirls!

Check out, where we learn that the trio actually consists of three clean-cut young ladies who attend the games only for the thrill of showing off their personally tailored FSU outfits.

OK, well, actually we learn that from the print edition of Maxim, which I succumbed to during a fantasy-baseball-inspired magazine binge. That would be the cover with Kristen Bell , by the way.

A 25-year-old native Detroiter (with a taste for hockey and older guys, as I learned from the print edition) always sucks me in, y'know?

Yeah, I know this is the spot for a joke, but I'm fresh out. Besides, this whole thing was pretty much just an excuse to run Ms. Bell's photo. Which I did.



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