Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Deep within the college basketball season, The Official Beard of The Official Blog of The Ford slumbers. It waits, it waits for when it will be needed.

The Citadel? Idaho State? Hardly.

No, the powerful mojo of The Official Beard has been lying in wait for this weekend, for The Official Alma Mater's swing through Los Angeles, also known as The Official Season-Killer.

But this year, this year, The Ford's breaking out The Official Beard, now seven weeks strong without so much as a hair trimmed.

Behold, Trojans and Bruins, the power of a mighty man-mane, especially as The Ford watches Thursday live from The Official Martini Bar of The Official City of Residence of The Official Blog of The Ford.

Go Cougs.

Thus sayeth The Ford

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