Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Musings Over Laundry

Yes, it's Day 2 of The Official Laundry Project, partially brought to you by The Official Girlfriend, and The Ford is back with more questions.

1.) Why does The Ford have so many T-shirts and so few pairs of underwear? What does this say about The Ford?

2.) How is The Ford supposed to wash The Official Collection Of Hawaiian Shirts with shrinking them? The Ford's experimenting with the delicate cycle, but he fears it may be for naught.

3.) Who is the tiny woman who has left a load of laundry in The Official Auxilary Laundry Room? (The Ford has his own washer/dryer combo in The Official Apartment but needs to do multiple loads at once.) All The Ford knows is that she is tiny, likes pink (both the color and the clothing line from Victoria's Secret), and has several newly cleaned-though-not-claimed flesh-colored G-strings. The Ford, as he is wont to do, suspects a stripper. Then again, what stripper chooses to live across the street from a strip club? (Welcome to The Official Neighorborhood.)

Thus sayeth The Ford

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