Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It is a somber night for The Ford.

87 percent of The Official Fantasy Football Teams were eliminated from the playoffs, his buddy got dumped, and, fresh off a night of dominating -- The Official Handicap stands at -11 -- at Golden Tee (and serving as a de factor club pro for The Official Girlfriend), he shot a tremendously disappointing round. And there are no bare breasts in front of him.

Of course, given that The Ford is at The Official Bar, and not a gentleman's club, this is, perhaps, to be expected.

A long December, indeed.

Thus sayeth The Ford

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At 2:29 AM, December 18, 2007, Anonymous T.O.G. said...

FYI - The Official Bare Breasts of the Official Girlfriend are always at your disposal - that's the Official Perk of having an Official Girlfriend:)


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