Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Someday, someday, The Ford will have just one rooting interest in a single evening.

But Monday was not that day.

First, The Ford got to witness the first loss by The Official NHL Franchise while he was in attendance, thanks to some ridiculuous play by Mr. Zetterberg (who was not one of the Three Stars of the game, for some reason not apparent to anyone who actually WATCHED the game).

And then, the world evened itself out with a come-from-behind win by The Official NFL Franchise, so that kinda evened things out.


Never mind that The Ford was wearing gear supporting the losing team. Never mind that said gear, apparently such a drastic change from the usual style of The Ford, reportedly made him quite invisible to those not already alerted to his presence.

Not, the thing to mind is that, somehow, Seattle had snow, and Detroit had 60-degree temperatures all day. And is forecasted to have the same for the rest of the week.

The Ford thinks he's gonna stop considering the implications of all of this until it snows in Detroit.

There's no metaphor there; he'd just really like some snow soon.


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