Sunday, November 26, 2006

Someday, someday, The Ford will be the drunkest idiot on a pub crawl, the guy everyone feels sorry for and embarrassed by.

Saturday night, though, he was just the single guy with a high tolerance for alcohol.

Thanks, pre-funk. Thanks, Official Bar that makes sure The Ford gets at least three beers after work, regardless of when he gets off.

The Ford has to admit that the one advantage of being the last survivor of a pub crawl is being able to choose the music at the home/pre-funk bar. and when one does a good job (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Buddy Holly, Cake, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra), well, it's a good feeling.

Not a good feeling that gets one laid, but still, at the end of the night, The Ford knows he's done his job, sheparding everyone back to the homebar safely, and giving them awesome tunes to boot.

Makes up a bit, he supposes, for rooting for the Fuckin' Trojans over Notre Dame.

Eff it.

Let the rest of the nation enjoy the pain The Ford feels every time The Official Alma Mater loses to the F'rojans....


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