Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Ford got a haircut Wednesday.

Actually, to paraphrase an old joke, The Ford got several hairs cut, right on top of his head.

Reactions have been mixed, though apparently split down the middle gender-wise.

All the guys The Ford has talked to have soundly criticized the haircut.

All the gals The Ford has talked to have come out in favor of the haircut.

So... who to side with, the gals or the pals?

Hell, if nothing else, it's nice to once again be without mutton chops AND not have to wait 20 minutes for The Official Hairstyle to set before The Ford goes to work/battles the Michigan wind.

For now, The Ford's gonna go with the pals, based solely on the suspiscion that women are much better at talking their fellow women off the ledge when they get a bad 'do, while guys are pretty much blunt about whether the 'do is good.

Then again, The Ford didn't get his hair cut to impress the dudes.

Truth be told, it's all to impress the soon-to-be-once-more Ms. Spears, now that she's dumped K-Fed.

Is there a hotter single MILF right now than Britney?

The Ford argues not, though, for some reason, when he staged this debate last night, he was presented with this choice: "Dude, who would you bang, Britney Spears or Salma Hayek?"

To which the correct response is, oddly enough, not "Salma Hayek" -- though she is far and away the hotter of the two -- but instead, "Both," for any hypothetical universe that would allow The Ford to "bang" either of them is surely so skewed that, well, he could bang both.

At once?

Well, that's a blog post for another day, true believers...

(And yes, there would be pics of both haircuts -- though none of Ms. Spears or Ms. Hayek -- for complete strangers to judge, if only The Ford could figure out how to get pics from his phone into his computer. Apparently, just beating one against the other does no good. Sigh. Technology.)


At 11:43 AM, November 09, 2006, Anonymous Britney said...

Hit me baby, one more time.

At 4:27 PM, November 09, 2006, Anonymous Luke said...

Britney is now a FedEx. Bam! Feel free to use that one, kids.


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