Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Ford would like to say that, after three days of seeing the preparations for Detroit's annual Thanksgiving parade, which should be rolling past The Official Window in about three hours, that he is prepared for it.

He is not.

He went out last night for The Official Pre-celebration of The Official Birthday of The Official Drinking Buddy.

Which is not to be confused with The Official Celebration of The Official Birthday of The Official Drinking Buddy, which actually arrives Saturday.

Of course, sometimes, at such things, you wander into an impromptu lesbian sex show, as well, as not one, but TWO fights between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Yes, if this was the Pre-Celebration, The Official Celebration should really be something.

On the bright side, The Ford also got to watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle -- while eating White Castle.

It's a meta-life, y'know?


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