Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, dear readers, the hoops-womb is slowly starting it's contractions, but like Homer Simpson, The Ford is doing his best to stay within its fluidy goodness.

Which is why he's making the Wichita State Shockers The New Official Temporary Team of The Official Blog of The Ford.

Everyone put on your hats....

It's not an easy decision, for The Ford has long derided Wichita State and its WSU-appropriating ilk (Wayne State, Weber State, Wright State) as pretenders to the Wazzu throne. The Official University of The Official Blog of The Ford was around long before all these interlopers, and, The Ford willing, will be around long after them.

Still, there is a greater evil out there, folks: The Washington Huskies. If they get past Connecticut, there will be little stop them from reaching the Final Four.

Little that is, except the karmic power of facing a WSU in the regional final.

Imagine it, big bad UW going down to little ol' WSU. Seems sorta familiar, it does. Oh, that's right...WSU (the original one) was the only Pac-10 team to beat UW twice. How could the best WSU basketball team in the country not do the same? (Even if you do have to expand the definition of "branch campus" a wee bit.)

Yes, yes, this would please The Ford greatly. All hail El Shockeros (for though they are many, from hell's heart, they stab at the Huskies as one....)

Other Shockers of note....
The Supervillain.
The Movie.
The Gesture.
The Rapper.

These are not who we're rooting for. Just The Wichita State Shockers. The Ford's feeling good about this one. Really.


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