Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'll admit it.
The Ford is a homonym-phobe.
He hates it when he types the word that sounds the same as the word that means what he wants to say.
I hate it so much that I will go back and fix it, even if I'm in a chat room. Most typos in chat, I could give a crap about. We're going too fast to stop now, baby.
There's no reason why this happens. I know the word. I'm not typing while I'm talking, or sounding something out. And yet, I end up with the wrong "your" or the wrong "their", like 60 percent of the time. My fingers are dumber than my brain apparently. And disconnected from it.
Is it The Official Fear of The Official Blog of The Ford? Well, probably not. But it's close.
Seriously, there is nothing that I'm more scared of/pissed off about than screwing up and using the wrong homonym.
Well, maybe ants.
Ants creep The Ford out. Ugh.


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