Friday, December 01, 2006

Can you feel the MAC Championship Fever?

The Ford can't, but that's probably because he was too busy fighting off driving rain and 30 mph winds.

Inn any event, Detroit played host to Central Michigan and Ohio universities this fine Thursday evening, and, for some reason, OU brought the co-eds, while CMU brought only the alums.

This could have something to do with CMU being due back in town for the Motor City Bowl in a month's time, but The Ford prefers to imagine it's more due to OU having some lovely ladies, while CMU is a full-blown sausage-fest.

There's no actual scientific basis for this claim, save that at the bar The Ford was hanging out at, the OU girls (ya gotta like any gals whose shirts read, "OU? Oh yeah!") were in full drunk mode, while the CMU alums were drunkenly trying to hit on them.

Now, the OU gals weren't the hottest women The Ford's ever seen (one unlucky gal's bosom was actually described as "concave" by a member of The Ford's drinking/Golden Tee party), but their Skankiness Quotient was certainly making up for any hotness deficiencies.

It's not exactly what The Ford's come to expect from the OU women he knows, but, well, it's just damn good to see folks enjoying themselves after a 21-point loss that wasn't even that close.

And, yeah, The Ford's already looking forward to the CMU ladies, when they finally hit the Motor City for, appropriately enough, the Motor City Bowl.

Skank on, ladies.

Thus observeth The Ford.


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