Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Y'know, living out here in the 313, where OSU-UM hoopla is starting to build up to ridiculous proportions -- 11 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE BIGGEST GAME EVER!!!!! -- it can sometimes be easy to forget about the one game that really matters.

The Apple Cup.

Yes, in just 11 days, it'll be The Official Alma Mater hosting The F'Uskies on the rolling hills of the Palouse.

And, yeah, it may not be for a national title shot, but it'll probably determine which bowl the Cougs -- and The Ford -- go to.

And if that wasn't enough, you had this happen Monday night:

Yes, that's Tyler Brayton, grandson of legendary WSU baseball coach Bobo Brayton (the man half of the Cougs' Bailey-Brayton Field is named after) kneeing the former F'Uskies standout-slash-fuckup Jerramy Stevens. (Stevens is also from the greater metropolitan area The Ford called home for many a year growing up, as well as a high-school associate of The Official Bad Road Driver, but we're not gonna discuss that much.)

Now, Brayton went to Colorado, so it probably wasn't Apple Cup-related. Actually, scratch that.

The Ford doesn't believe it's Apple Cup-related mostly because he has a hard time believing that Stevens -- the fella who managed to hit one of thosd fast-moving, suddenly appearing nursing homes with his car -- might connect Brayton and WSU, much less care about the Apple Cup.

But, as The Official Driver's Ed Instructor of The Official Blog of The Ford pointed out tonight, "While I certainly don't condone kneeing a guy in the nuts, if the guy getting kneed is Jerramy Stevens and the guy doing the kneeing is the grandson of Bobo Brayton, well ... let's just say I understand."

Well said, sir, well said.

Go Cougs.

11 days left.


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