Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh, and WTF ever happened to Pac-10 football uniforms?

It all started when Oregon got those gawd-awful neon yellow unis.

The Official Alma Mater tried their hands at it, implementing two helmets.

Oregon retaliated with THREE helmets, and about 30 other changes, including printing on the shoulders that looks like treadmarks, and a number font resembling self-applied duct tape.

The Official Alma Mater, not to be outdone by those dirty, stinking' hippies, waited until its second nationally televised game of the the year and then broke out The Official Crimson and Gray Abominations. (No, really, they're unpopular...)

Somewhere along the line, Oregon State tried out bright orange jerseys, and then thought better of it... seriously, these are uniforms so ugly there's actually no photographic proof of their existence anymore.

Finally, Cal got into the act, breaking out their own bright yellow duds, ironically enough, against Oregon:

Which is why The Ford must say Enough.

Freakin' Enough.

OK, Pac-10?

The Ford doesn't care if you go back to what you had, or if you stick with what you've got, but y'know what?

You're done.

Cut off.

Thus Sayeth The Ford.


At 8:10 PM, October 11, 2006, Blogger The Soviet said...

Da Coug looks pretty gay in that pic.


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