Saturday, September 30, 2006

The worst part of being a Tigers fan this year? Yeah, that's be scoreboard-gamecast-watching the Royals suck it up against the Twins, and then seeing them do the complete opposite against the Tigers. (Though scoring 4 runs on 3 HRs in the 11th, and giving two of them back in the bottom of the inning is almost enough to convince any remaining living Royals fans to off themselves, right now, right here...)

Seriously, though, is there anything more frustrating than knowing that in a clutch situation, Teh Twins are sending Mauer to the People, Michael "Ya better damn well know how to pronounce my name" Cuddyer and Justin "No relation to Rebecca de Mornay" Morneau, while The Official Sports Mistress is sending up Pudge Rodriguez, Chris Shelton, and, on some occasions, Neifi Perez, to the plate.

What else is there to say but ... OY.

Oh, and the Royals still suck, so the Tigers should be OK.


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