Monday, October 09, 2006

Day ? of Tigerwatch 2006, which means The Ford will not be getting much sleep for the next fortnight or so.

Now, The Ford doesn't always want to make it about him -- though, let's face it, this IS The Official Blog of The Ford -- so he's gonna point out just how cool it was of the Tigers to run into the clubhouse, grab some champagne, and celebrate with the fans in attendance. (One of whom would have been The Ford, were it not for his pesky attention to duty...)

Which makes it even weirder that they'll not play the A's, the team that banned alcohol in the clubhouse after Esteban Loaiza got a DUI after a game.

Then again, The Ford's pretty sure he saw some bubbly flowing in the A's clubhouse when they bounced the Twins.

Was it non-alcoholic bubbly? Does that sting as much as regular bubbly? Would the A's be truly beloved by teetotalers across the country if they'd just have sprayed cool, clean Yoo-Hoo all over the place? Is The Ford getting kickbacks from the folks who make cool, clean, refreshing Yoo-Hoo in exchange for product placements?

All these are unanswered questions to The Ford... and one supposes to you, too, dear reader.

There's probably more unanswered questions, but, for now, let's just focus on what Famke Janssen's gonna bring to "Iron Man."

Cool, clean, refreshing, non-alcoholic Yoo-Hoo!

Thus Blatherith The Ford


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