Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ah, the rains, um, rained down upon mankind by a vengeful National League-hating God have finally made their way to the 313, and, almost as if synchronized, so too has a storm of work hit The Ford.

So, he'll keep this short, or at least aim for that.

-- 6-for-8 in fantasy football this week. Granted, The Ford's fantasy football talk is dreadfully boring to everyone but the guy who owns the teams (i.e., The Ford) and the guy facing The Ford (i.e., The Official Hated Enemy), but still, 6-for-8 ain't too shabby, especially when two of the winners were winless to this point.
Leaving the Oakland Raiders as possibly America's only winless team.

Which, The Ford feels, is probably pretty close to the way God wants things...

-- Heard a great idea tonight: Retiring a hat for each season. At the end of every baseball season, when your team can play no longer, you take a Sharpie, write the date (and perhaps an inspirational message) on the inside of the cap, and retire the sucker. Put it in a place of honor, forever to remind you of the greatness of the baseball season. (Or, if you're a Cubs fan, burn the hat in an attempt to remove whatever bad juju made your team hire Lou Piniella.)

-- Time does pass in The Ford's world, if only evidenced by the fact that this thought didn't cause an immediate loss of blood to the brain. Ah, for The Ford of two years ago. He wasn't cute, but he wasn't cool either. Wait. That's The Ford of today, too.

Eh, at least The Ford The Elder's truck is nearly paid off.

Eat it, The Ford The Younger!


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