Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Ford's not one to push religion on anyone.

Which is probably a trait he got from being raised Presbyterian.

Seriously, when you learn more from reading the AP Stylebook entry on your religion than you did in 10 years of going to church, you are Officially a member of a laid-back religion.

Which fits pretty well with The Ford's general outlook on life.

The other thing The Ford appreciates about the Presbyterians?

Their healthy, albeit mildly insane, respect for synonyms and euphemisms.

You've gotta love the pure poeticness of phrases like: "Fire That Consumes, Sword That Divides, and Storm That Melts Mountains," "Rock, Redeemer, Friend," and "One Who Was, the One Who Is and the One Who Is to Come."

Unless, of course, you're from a religion not down with the whole Trinity thing, in which case this is all pretty blasphemous.

Still sorta funny, but also sorta blasphemous. (Those might even be related, don'cha'know?)


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