Tuesday, July 18, 2006

At the risk of becoming just a crappy Deadspin imitator... (as opposed to the really awesome Deadspin imitator The Ford is now.... ) Seriously, a 5-minute TD run?

This, this, is why The Ford refused to choose the Raiders whenever he played Tecmo Bowl.

Valor is not valor when shown with overwhelming strength.

Of course, this is also the same line of logic that led to the choice of The Official Alma Mater, and, well, that turned out OK, unless you were to move to Michigan, and have to be reminded of your worst day as a college football fan every day of the year.

Um, oops?

TWO SECONDS! The Ford wants his two seconds! And he's not afraid to use exclamation points to get them.

Seriously, when the freakin' ROSE BOWL WEB SITE notes that Leaf ran "out of time trying to stop the clock by spiking the ball on Michigan's 26 with two seconds to play," perhaps we can all agree that two more seconds are deserved here.

Hey, it's not like anyone -- aside from Lamont Thompson, Rian Lindell, Steve Gleason, Raonall Smith or Leon Bender, RIP -- is real busy right now.

Somebody call Ryan Leaf.

Let's line 'em up again tomorrow.

Wanna bet The Leaf couldn't find the open receiver on one single play, given two seconds?

The Ford'll meet'cha in Pasadena...

Thus reliveth The Ford.


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