Monday, May 15, 2006

The Ford's reviewing the upcoming TV season's new shows, trying to psych himself up for getting cable again. (This week's the week, he can feel it...)

First thoughts?

ABC blows. -- New shows featuring David Arquette and Mick Jagger? Are you TRYING to tank the season? Thought you were doing too well? Wanted to give the other guys a chance? Oy. Enjoy "Lost." Maybe you can work up a spin-off. "Lost: The Others."

NBC does not. -- Start with giving Aaron Sorkin another show. Then add Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet. Stir, and enjoy.
Oh, and let's give Andy Richter a show, too. And John Lithgow. And Jeffrey Tambor. Very nice, indeed.
Almost enough to make up for the screaming absence of "Scrubs" in the lineup.

CBS is resting on its laurels. -- One new show? With no stars atttched? Cool? Who knows.

Fox is very vague. -- Sure, everyone likes short, punchy titles. 24. Lost. CSI. Survivor. House. Bones. But perhaps you've pushed it too far, Fox. "Primary." "Vanished." (And let's not talk about "Prison Break" returning for another season. Still, you made "24" work for multiple seasons, so who is The Ford, aside from, y'know, THE FORD, to criticize?)

CW. -- The Ford's all for Smallville continuing, at least until we get EVERY member of the DCU introduced in a vaguely confusing/winking manner. And Gilmore Girls? Awesome, at least until Rory gets a job at a major metropolitan newspaper somewhere in the upper Midwest, say, on a river that feeds into a Great Lake, far enough away for her own life, but still close enough for the occasional visit from Lorelai.

But how for the love of all that is holy in TV can you not guarantee (Or as we like to say here in The Official City, guaran-Sheed) Veronica Mars a spot on the schedule?

The Ford needs his (Detroit-native) Kristen Bell fix, y'know?

Don't make The Ford lump you in with ABC. 'Cause you do not wanna be there...


At 10:16 AM, May 15, 2006, Anonymous Tru said...

Dude, we already know how these network dweebs regard anything that might reach the exalted "Whedonesque" status, such as Ms. Mars and Co.
They immediately reach for the "Cancel" button.

At 2:37 AM, May 16, 2006, Blogger Marcus said...

"Scrubs" will be back in January, according to the Seattle P-I's TV reporter.

At 4:42 AM, May 16, 2006, Blogger The Ford said...

Tru: This is true. But at least we have Mr. Whedon's forays into the world of comic books to fall back on. of particular appeal, let's note "Fray," a nice continuation of the Slayer mythology into the future, as well as teh Serenity comics from Dark Horse, and his work on Astonishing X-Men ( Bi-monthly, but still a worthwhile read, even if it feels like they've dropped the ball on the whole alien-mutant relation issue in the wake of M-Day.

Marcus: Yeah, The Ford found out about that today. Pretty sweet, even if it does confim that NBC is at time clueless about scheduling. (There's something to be said for two episodes of a great sitcom every week, but having to wait until December/January/February for it sorta sucks.)


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