Friday, May 12, 2006

Fresh off his victory over a malfunctioning shower drain, The Ford was feeling pretty good.

So, of course, he got a haircut.

Two days later, it's time to assess the damage.


Yes, The Ford has officially exited the "denial" stage of his haircut, thanks to The Official Signs of a Bad Haircut of The Official Blog of The Ford:

1.) After five minutes of combing wet hair, comb stands up and says, "Eff this. I'm gettin' a beer."

2.) Look in the mirror prompts intense craving not only of banana, but to fling one's own feces.

3.) Coworker not only suggests new barber, but hands The Ford Mapquested directions to said barber 12 blocks from workplace.

(Can you guess which one actually took place?)


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