Saturday, April 22, 2006

Y'know, The Ford spends a lot of his time campaigning for the use of words as they were meant to be used.

Like, if you're trying to impugn someone's sexual mores, don't use the word "whore," unless you're actually stating/implying that someone exchanges sexual services for money.

Really, there's plenty of other words that can insult someone AND be accurate at the same time.

The Ford brings this up because he overheard a gal at The Official Bar discussing how both she and her girlfriend had suffered from a cold.

Now, are they simply girls who are friends -- as in "You go, girlfriend!" -- or are they dating?

His gaydar being seriously subpar, The Ford has no way to differentiate between the two, short of actually asking embarassing followup questions.

And The Ford prefers not to do that in places with plenty of bottles that could be broken in sharp, potentially hazardous pieces.

The Ford could blame this confusion on the increased acceptibility of lesbian relationships, but he never likes to criticize the notion of lesbian relationships.

And so he'll blame people's general laxness at using words as they're defined.
Mostly because he's found that lax people are much less likely to stab him with broken beer bottles.

Even if their girlfriends recommend it.


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