Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The most frustrating thing about watching your fantasy baseball team online on your day off? (Aside, from, naturally, realizing you're a HUUUUMONGOUS dork. But The Ford figured that out a while ago, so it's no biggie now.)

That would be realizing the Frank Robinson may be a moron.

Yes, he's got 50 years in baseball, numerous MVP awards, and several managing jobs.

Nevertheless, it'd be nice for him to realize that just because a pitcher CAN throw 140+ pitches, he doesn't HAVE to in every game.

Pitcher who's been a little rocky this year works seven solid innings, enough to get you a 3-run lead, gets the first out in an inning, and then promptly allows a double. Do you leave him in?
Pitcher's thrown about 90 pitches, and he frequently tops 130 in a game. But your bullpen's pretty rested. You're only 5 outs from a win.

Still, he gave up a double. He's probably done, right?

No, no, let's leave him in.

What? He gave up a 2-run home run? Shocking.

But let's still leave him in. Oh, a 4-pitch walk.

Gosh, maybe he's tired. Or ineffective. Now it's time to bring in a reliever.


You couldn't have done this two batters ago, right after the double? ('Cause you had to have a reliever warming up, right? No manager goes into the eighth inning with a three-run lead without at least one guy warming up in the pen. Right?)


Meanwhile, Ned Yost, facing almost the exact same situation, watches his pitcher give up a homer in the eighth, his first hit in several innings, and brings in a reliever. Who'd been warming up for a while. Who ended the damn inning with a strikeout.

What do we take from this? That Ned Yost is smarter than Frank Robinson, at least in this situation? Check. That the Brewers are much more likely to have a good season than the Nationals? Check. That The Ford is gonna think long and hard about picking up Nationals(especially pitchers) from now on, considering this and the whole Ryan Church/Brandon Watson mess? Double check.

(And thus ends "Fantasy Baseball Dork Theater." Thank you.)


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