Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quick thoughts (No, really. Wait, why are you laughing? The Ford can write short. Honest. Just wait.)

1.) Monday brought The Ford to his fifth Tigers game in six days. Aside from the general lack of sleep this causes, it's been a good week of games. Some close ones, some blowouts, and plenty of free swag. Aside from the schedule magnet and calendar The Ford got just for showing up early to both weekend games, The Ford was the lucky recepient of a free hot dog and "Chicken Little" DVD on Sunday, not one day after he'd been only five rows away from winning the very same thing. Monday brought a surprisingly large crowd in the CoPa's upper deck, so The Ford snuck into a seat just behind the dugout, just in time to catch a free T-shirt in the hand not holding a sub-par gyro. The Ford's got skills.

2.) While Brandon Inge's choice of Skee-Lo as his introductory music is easily the best, The Ford's developing a soft spot for Pudge Rodriguez' "Latino Heat."
A good song in its own right (depsite the, um, brilliant chorus of "Latinoooo..... HEAT!") it's also the theme of deceased WWE wrestler Eddie Guerrero.
Which raises the potential that some day The Ford might be at a game where Pudge comes up to bat, and instead of his song, the crowd hears "Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" as Ernie Harwell screams into the mike "My God, that's the Yankees' music!" And then Pudge picks up a folding chair and smacks Kenny Rogers over the head.
The Ford doesn't know how much he'd pay to witness such a scene, but he thinks it'd be a lot.

3.) No Norm Cash on the Tigers' wall of fame? Dude hit 399 home runs. But Willie Horton gets his freakin' number retired. Norm Cash went up to bat with a table leg once. A TABLE LEG. And he gets nothing but a plaque in a display honoring Tigers history prior to the CoPa. Which is also what Tony Clark gets. Go figure.

4.) More joy at CoPa fans being unable to judge home runs. Really, it's almost impossible, unless you just assume nothing is a home run. But then you end up getting shocked by the power of 380-foot shots to right field. Which is almost as embarassing as claiming a 400-foot shot to the CF's glove is gone right away.

5.) Not baseball related, but, well, it's quick.
Robotics and sex are merging together more and more.
The Ford would like this article more if it would have followed up more on the best line:
"The Iraq war ... was kind of a boom for our company."


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