Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A short story:
The Ford buys a laptop.
The Ford signs up for a music downloading service, which is pretty decent. (The Official Music Downloading Service of The Official Blog of The Ford)
The Official Service greets The Ford each evening with new suggestions of music he might like, based on his previous downloads.
After a fiery night spent trying to convince The Official Service that while he did enjoy the single "Doin' It," he did not wish to listen to the entire L.L. Cool J catalog, not being a Lady prone to Loving Cool James, he thought he'd gotten the damn thing trained.
Days and days went by, with excellent recommendations of Weezer, Modest Mouse, The Roots and Ben Folds.
All albums The Ford had already downloaded, but, hey, at least he wasn't having to fight through endless L.L. Cool J recommendations. (Not to self: Resist the urge to download "Deepest Bluest" just for the hell of it.)
And then today, The Ford gets these recommendations:
Billy Joel.
The Postal Service.
Gordon Lightfoot.

All good. All artists The Ford has downloaded plenty of.

And Sarah McLachlan.

Ms. MacLachlan isn't bad, to tell the truth, even if her music's a bit, um, annoying. But she gets points for a) being hot, and b) spelling her name with the-fewest-necessary letters.

Wait, where was The Ford going with all this?

Oh yeah, it was gonna be a thing on how The Official Service believes his cajones have withered away.

Eh, it's probably just been talking to his TiVo, anyway. Can't believe anything that thing tells ya.


At 3:42 PM, April 27, 2006, Anonymous Lisa said...

I know how you feel. The Blockbuster site recently recommended "Titanic" for me.


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