Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Ford knew the "casual encounters" section of Craigslist would, almost by defintion, consist of equal parts desperation and embarassment, but, um, wow.

Detroit's is filled with web cam ads ... wait for it ... ask you not to send any commercial e-mails to the posters....

Meanwhile, Chicago's is full of trannys and guys willing to pleasure straight guys.

(The Ford officially apoligizes for mocking The Official Freaklet-Designer-Extraordinare-In-Residence of The Official Blog Of The Ford. Jen, it's entirely understandable how you might always have trannys on the brain.)

And, of course, the occasional male visitor looking for no-strings-attached sex. The Ford's gotta think that if posting a message like that worked, well, the good ladies of ill repute in Chi-town would quickly be out of business.

Then again, as The Ford's fond of saying, it's really only gotta work once, and then you're homefree.

Which he assumes is the logic behind this optimistic posting.


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