Monday, April 10, 2006

OK, considering how often The Ford sits in judgment on the rest of the world, he should be willing to submit himself to the same judgment on occasion.

He's done stupider things than drive 9 miles southwest to try and find a Taco Bell, into the worst part of Detroit, passing Mexicantown (home to some of the greatest Mexican food in Michigan, 24 hours a day), and then upon finding it closed, retracing his route and going to a McDonald's just as the Magic Stick/Garden Bowl across the street is letting out from a Sunday night concert.

Did you know McDonald's is a favorite hangout for hipster kids just out of a concert? The Ford didn't, not until he sat for 30 minutes in the drive-thru lane. Thank goodness for Death Cab CDs and a U.S. atlas. Hours of enjoyment right there.

All because he wasn't smart enough to eat at home in the first place.

There's probably a lesson there, somewhere, but The Ford's too busy not thinking dirty thoughts about the cute girl he saw coming out of the club.


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