Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So, I'll be the first person to admit I've been a little lost in the world of the Winter Olympics for the past 10 days. And for the past 4 days, it seems like it's been all ice dancing, all the time. (My nutsack finally started to descend again after tonight's medal ceremony.)

And of course, as we in the newsroom scour the wire for photos to supplement our photog shooting the event, we're constantly shocked by the number of female ice dancers truly skanking it up. No flesh-colored bodysuits at these events.

In fact, watching the event feels a lot like watching your best friend's brother and sister make out. You're not really appalled, but you know you should be.

Anyway, the whole week, we've been on guard for any stray nipplage that might make the paper, running as many photos as we do of the event.

Our vigilance did not go unrewarded; no uncloched titties ran in the Freep. Hooray.

Of course, this photo did move on the wire:{AA372758-E3A9-419A-9EB1-BAACE03054D6}.pobj.MINI.jpg

That would be Russia's Maxim Shabalin carrying Oksana Domnina on Monday night. Figures it would happen and somehow a Maxim would be involved. Especially considering I had Domnina privately ranked as the hottest ice dancer. (What? I've got a lot of time between deadlines this week to stare at ice dancers.)

See -- this is the stuff that would make guys fans of ice dancing. But does it make the TV? Nooooooooo....


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