Monday, February 20, 2006

Have you ever stumbled into a Web site that, while not ENTIRELY inappropriate for the workplace, you certainly wouldn't want anyone to see you were looking at over your shoulder?

This was mine today: The many looks of Alyson Hannigan

Now, I dig Alyson Hannigan. She has been in my personal top 5 list well before she was the "This one time, at band camp" girl.

I will defend her hotness to anyone who even brings up her name with a vehemence that often even surprises me. But today, when I found this link (on, oddly enough, a story about the death of a character actor from The Godfather) I couldn't look at more than a couple of shots in the newsroom. Not because any of them are particularly risky.

This is MSNBC, after all.

But just because I really didn't want to go through the whole rigamaroll of explaining/defending my infatuation.

Because that sort of thing goes so much better in a blog.


On another, vaguely related topic: Is there any comparison more used -- fairly, more often than not -- than "She looks like that 'Band camp' girl." I think I've heard this used about 30 times in the past two years, most recently on uber-teen skater Emily Hughes.

Who does look, a little, I guess, like Alyson Hannigan.

But seriously, can we not find a better comparison for these girls?

Their only shared characteristics seem to be reddish, or dark, shoulder-length hair, a big smile, and big cheekbones.

Can we, as storytellers and conversationalists, not be more exact, people?

If for no one else, then for poor Ms. Hughes and Ms. Hannigan, who will forever share the experience of being linked, fairly or unfairly, in people's minds.


At 2:45 AM, February 22, 2006, Anonymous Tru said...

I'm right there with you regarding Ms. Hannigan - the problem is explaining where you know her from if you know her from before the infamous "band camp." It boils down to "Buffy? Hot. Willow? Hot. Cordelia? Hot." Next question?


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