Saturday, March 15, 2008

OK, while the brand-new Official Mac works on an iphone update in the Official Bar, The Ford's gonna try his hand at some of this here live-bloggin' stuff during The Official Alma Mater's deathmatch with the Cardinal.

We've already seen almost 10 minutes of profiles on the Cougs prior to the game.

Normally, The Ford would say any publicity is good publicity, but there's something depressing about realizing it's all running tonight so FSN can save the Stanford stuff for tomorrow night's Pac-10 title game. Fuckers.

We've also already seen the Cougs' lone free ad, the always entertaining "Rwanda" ad.

Ephiphany: Perhaps the reason the Cougs have stunk at basketball for so long is that we keep sending kids to Africa to help with coffee growth, and not getting any in return.


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