Monday, March 10, 2008

The Fashion Police

The Ford bought a new suit a while back, round about a month ago.

(Suffice to say, The Ford's hazy on the date, save that it was the same day as the Michigan sports hall of fame induction ceremonies, the occasion neccessitating the new duds.)

He looks GOOD in The Official Suit, and he hasn't even broken out The Official Second Shirt/Tie Combo, much less The Official Third.

Nevertheless, The Ford's stuck with a peculiar sense of failure, for, really, doesn't EVERY guy look good in a suit?

That's why we wear them, after all -- the pleasure of looking good without particularly having to think about it.

Really, it's The Official Gender's lone leg up on the fairer sex. (And, yes, The Ford thought long and hard before giving masculinity the Official Nod. Not that he was thinking about switching sides, but The Ford's quite fond of the perks and pleasures the gals bring to his bloggy life. Nevertheless, Wazzu's The Official Alma Mater, The Freep's The Official Employer, and XY is The Official Chromosomal Combo of The Official Blog of The Ford. Though any attempts by the ladies to sway those officialities are always appreciated.)

Anyway, it's The Official Gender's lone leg up, except for this: The lasses look just as lovely suitclad as we do.

Better, even.

We can't win. And we can't all wear kilts.

Thus sayeth The Ford

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