Thursday, August 31, 2006

Um, sorry, Rafael Soriano.

Though, for what it's worth, your family doesn't think getting hit in the head with a batted ball hurt you too much. Good to know, really.

In other news, The Ford's thinking this is the fourth or fifth Mariner pitcher to get hit in the head in the past 13 years. (Not counting Josias Manzanillo, who got hit in his Manzanillos while not wearing a cup on the mound for the M's. Oy.)

Just off the top of his head, so to speak, there was Brad Holman. (who played a very formative part in The Ford's journalistic career, as a just recovered Holman spoke to The Ford's 10th grade English class about what it was like to GET HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A BATTED BALL. Long story short? It hurt. A lot.)


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