Monday, August 28, 2006

The Ford is feeling good -- too good, really, considering his day.

Not much happened, other than work, and, well, a welcome trip to the BK. (The Extreme Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich, aside from having a ridiculously long name, is pretty tasty. It's not THAT spicy, i.e., warm enough to clear out your sinuses, but the jalapenos do push it into the "don't eat without some sort of beverage handy" range. Then again, the BK stacker is also in that range, and not in a good way.)

Oh, and the other big thing that happened?

Well, while The Ford relaxes, The Official Truck is a bit under the weather, suffering catastrophic tire failure while sitting in The Official Garage. The Ford's not quite clear how it happened, there beign a limited number of folks with access to both The Official Truck and The Official Garage, but, in any event, The Ford's not here to point fingers.

No, instead, The Ford will just go to the friendly neighborhood tire store in the next couple of days, thanks to The Official Spare Tire, and replace The Official Tires.

Granted, these will be the first new tires in the 4 1/2-year history of The Official Truck, but The Ford is confident both he and The Official Truck will be back to normal in no time.



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