Monday, August 21, 2006

The Ford doesn't attempt to deny his cracker blood.

Dang it, he digs the NASCAR. Something in him gets sated when he sees tiny men in big cars driving six inches from each other.

You may mock The Ford, but try living in Michigan -- where the left turn is practically banned in favor of the protected U-turn between intersections -- and see if guys turning left at 190 mph doesn't rev you up.

And then, of course, there's the comedy.

Sometimes, it's like a parody of itself, such as when you had two Buschwhackers (that'd be Nextel Cup stars dropping down to race in the minors for the fame, money and practice time) going at each other post-race. (Yes, The Ford will once again shill for The Official Newspaper. Blame The Official Competition for not having the best quote of the day...)

The setup: No. 2 Dale Earnhardt Jr. bumps leader Carl Edwards from behind on the next-to-last lap, sending him spinning out across the track, and costing him a win. Edwards recovers, drives into pit row, where he parks in front of Jr.'s pit station, before racing back out onto the track during Jr.'s victory lap. Edwards rams Jr. at about a 45-degree angle, bouncing off after giving Jr. -- who, oblivious, had his hand sticking out the window -- quite the shock.

After the race, well, there were some hard feelings.

And it all culminated in this quote from Jr.: "But running into the side of my car after the race is over with my hand out the window, coming into a man's victory lane... no matter what the circumstances are on the racetrack, you don't go into someone else's victory lane. That's rude. That's just uncouth. There, I used it. I've been trying to use that word all year. He has no couth."

There you have it, straight from No. 8: Carl Edwards has no couth.

Ricky Bobby, eat your heart out.


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