Saturday, August 26, 2006

How to tell if your pretzel is a SuperPretzel...

1.) Pretzel crashed to earth in futuristic rocket 25 years ago ... SuperPretzel (Note, not THIS Rocket...)

2.) Your pretzel appears overly fond of truth, justice and the American way... SuperPretzel

3.) Pretzel's skin is nearly impossible to tear with your teeth... SuperPretzel

4.) When other snack foods around the world are threatened, your pretzel, mysteriously, is nowhere to be found ... SuperPretzel

5.) Your pretzel has an archfoe, a bald (or just salt-free) snack named "Pretz Luthor." ... SuperPretzel

6.) Your pretzel becomes oddly soggy when in the vicinity of greenish, glowing rocks. ... SuperPretzel

7.) Your pretzel comes with a ring, frequently emits a green glow, and is powerless against anything yellow (like, say, nacho cheese or mustard) ... NOT a SuperPretzel. (That's a GreenLanternzel.)

8.) Your pretzel is faster than a speeding bullet ... SuperPretzel

9.) Your pretzel is made entirely of salt, with tiny flecks of bread attached on the outside... NOT a SuperPretzel (That's a BizarroPretzel.)

10.) Your pretzel hangs out with other meta-foods, such as Wonder Bread, The Flash-Frozen Pizza and AquaFinaMan.



At 4:13 PM, August 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AquaFinaMan. Nice.


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