Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tigers playoff tickets go on sale Sept. 19.

In the 24 hours this has been semi-public knowledge, 5 people have informed The Ford of this.

Yeah, it's a little freaky, life in Tigertown.

Especially since, unlike the last time the Tigers were REALLY good -- 1984 -- the team had a catchy slogan for the season. (OK, 1987 was the last time the Tigers made the postseason, but, well, that team struggled a bit, and then lost every road playoff game to the Twins. Should be fun if the Twins get the wild card...)

OK, actually, two catchy slogans: "The Roar of '84" and "Bless You Boys."

Now, speaking solely as an amateur baseball anthropologist, reconstucting that season from hours of painstaking overtime work researching a book for The Official Newspaper, The Ford can't say whether these slogans were truly popular in 1984, or just latched onto by the media, much like, say, Lindsey Lohan's breasts/anorexia or that chick who got killed in Aruba.

Still, they were catchy. That much, they had.

But what does 2006 have?

"Transfixed by '06"?
"The '06 Quick Fix"?
"Get your kicks ... with Tigers 2-0-0-6"?

As you can read, not much rhymes with "06".

Other than, of course, "Quick Rick kicks Nikki Sixx, who predicts a mix of cliques full of hicks and dicks to watch the Tigers win it all in '06."

But, really, would you buy that T-shirt?

OK, perhaps you would, but, really, it's still a bit goofy.

Anyway, The Ford's out of rhymes for the word "six," and doesn't want to explore the other path to a successful slogan, since Jim Price, Dan Dickerson, Rod Allen and Mario Impemba don't add up to half a Ernie Harwell.

Till then, rejoice in the thought of what it might be like to be Prince Harry. Very odd thoughts indeed.


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