Friday, July 07, 2006

This one goes out to The Mick.

Sure, Frank Thomas' 2 RBI Thursday tied him with you at 43rd all-time, an event so weird The Ford had to go to to get the gamer, written by an Official Alma Mater Alum.

But, you know what, Mick?

You're still the man. Still a legend, still a giant, still a prick.

And they can't take that away from you.

At least until Frank Thomas gets ONE more RBI, and turns his attention toward passing Sam Crawford.


Oh, and speaking of dead white people...The Ford shifts to something completely different...

Somewhere, out there, there's The Official Freaklet-Designer-Extraordinare-In-Residence of The Official Blog.

And she has a friend -- besides The Ford, which is shocking indeed, for who needs more than The Ford? -- reputed to resemble Stacey Dash.

And so, when The Ford "found" this link, he knew it was kismet.

OK, not really "kismet," per se, but at least he knew it was something he could write 75 words about.

Which is really all he cares about.



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