Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's time for The Official Pop Quiz of The Official Blog of The Ford...

(Don't worry, there's just one question, and even if you fail, well, The Ford has no actual punitive powers. Unless you're a hot gal, in which case he'll require proof of a passing grade to avoid a spanking -- either yours or his, he ain't sayin'.)

1.) In looking back over the astounding number of Jennifer Love Hewitt --or J-Lo-Hew as her hyphen-crazy friends like to call her) paparazzi shots that have come out over the past month (J-Lo-Hew Goes To ... The Starbucks!; The Chinese Food Place!; The McDonald's!, and looking at the latest batch (J-Lo-Hew Goes To The Store!) , who is the worst off?

A.) J-Lo-Hew, who runs possibly the most boring errands of all time. (C'mon, Lindsay Lohan might be a lot of work to follow, but at least she occasionally goes to a party, gets caught practicing a BJ for a movie, or shows a little, er, lot of sideboob. J-Lo-Hew? Wears a Dartmouth T-shirt.)

B.) The photographer who, in stalking J-Lo-Hew, is being dragged on possibly the most boring errands of all time. All for a gal who's never posed nude (though those Maxim shots came pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty close) and is the "star" of a generally sub-par CBS show, after being the "star" of a sub-par Fox show. (The Ford's putting "star" in quotes until someone can prove that the organs entering a room 4 inches before J-Lo-Hew weren't the real "stars" of "Party of Five" and "Ghost Whisperer." Oh, and "Scream." Definitely "Scream.")

C.) The dude who keeps accompanying J-Lo-Hew all around town, without getting credit for nailing J-Lo-Hew, nor even getting identified in most shots.

D.) The bra which is really doing most of the work in supporting "the stars" as J-Lo-Hew runs the most boring errands in the world.

Choose one, and write 250 words on the topic. Deliver to The Official Desk of The Official Blog of The Ford, by the end of the day.


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