Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Feeling down?

Perhaps a bit muddled over life as you know it?

Forget your alcohol, your uppers, your downers, and your choco-tastic snacks... The Good Doctor Ford's got a prescription for ya, dear reader.

The N.Y. Times' Science section.

It's just damn fascinating, it is.

'Cause where else would you read about:

How drinking every day is a GOOD thing for men. (And you thought Doc Ford was off his rocker...)

How Genghis Kahn lives on today. Well, sorta. (Say it with Doc Ford now... "KHAAAAAAAAANNNNN!")

How scientists airlifted frogs into Atlanta. (It's more interesting than it sounds... unless you were on the flight with these guys. Still, you've gotta love any article with the sentence: "the men have a reputation for being especially good at catching and taking care of frogs." How, exactly, does one achieve that reputation, Doc Ford wonders...)

How someday our world will end in a firestorm of solar radiation. (And imagine that, not even a 6/6/06 tie-in...)

How Britain apparently has a surplus of young women with size 32E breasts. (OK, that's not actually an NYT science story, just an observation from The Ford after he first got hip to Keeley Hazell becoming the, um, "face" of the new PS2 Formula One racing game. Remember Keeley? No. 2 hottest woman in the world according to the Brits in FHM's survey this year? Of course, No. 5 was Kelly Brook, another Page 3 girl with, er, appreciable talents that generally enter the room before she does.)

There you have it. Frogs, Khan, and ginormous breasts. What more do you need for a good day?


At 9:58 PM, June 07, 2006, Blogger Asian Thought said...

You. Are. A. Nerd. If ever, a group of the world's foremost nerds decided to incorporate and form a collective of uber-dorkiness and needed a CEO, you would win hands down. Not because you're a born leader, because you're nerdiness is on such a grand scale that you would simply blind the rest of the group with it, thereby having them all defer to you because of the largesse of your wedgie potential. still ove you though.

At 12:30 AM, June 08, 2006, Blogger The Ford said...

Granted. And as such, I feel compelled to note that you used the wrong "you're." It should read, "because YOUR nerdiness." Get it straight, Mr. P-I. Some papers actually care about that stuff.


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