Saturday, May 27, 2006

Coming from a region where you'd go a thousand miles or so inbetween major multi-pro-team metropolitan areas, The Ford's all for big-tent inclusiveness when it comes to recruiting fans.

But seriously, Cleveland, maybe you just need to stay within Ohio. Because while Pittsburgh may not have an NBA team -- they're still basking in the glory of "The Fish Who Saved Pittsburgh -- they're likely not rooting for your Browns-rooting asses. Even with gals like these.

Seriously, you're a big state. You've even got an occasional football rivalry with Cincy. Odd how you're not recruiting in that NBA-less city. Odd, indeed.

In other news, Dr. Ford says that while getting back on the horse is admirable, perhaps one should not cap a 12-hour workday -- while still recovering from a nasty cold -- with beers and chicken tenders at The Official Bar. Taken separately, all these things are manageable. Taken together, well, at least they kept The Ford from decking a couple of the punks hanging out downtown for the techno music festival this weekend.

No, wait, his mistake. It was the warm temperatures and preponderance of plunging necklines that prevented The Ford from pondering physical violence. Peacemakers, indeed.

Finally, here inThe Official Career Corner of The Official Blog, The Ford ponders why he didn't become a wedding reporter. Sure, most of the stories would suck chiffon, but for the one, the one truly fascinating courtship, well, it might all be worth it.

Then again, you might have to write it in a weirdly upbeat manner that comes off as more ironic detachment than anything else. The Ford might be cool with that, though. It's tough to say. Ellen Futterman, The Ford salutes you.


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