Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Is there a better late-night dinner/snack than a fresh gyro? The Ford sincerely doubts it. Sure, you can try your hot dogs and nachos, your pizzas and your cheeseburgers, both normal and bite-sized, but The Ford's always gonna come back to the gyro. Period.

Speaking of late night fun....

Dammit, The Ford swore there'd be no hot women in this post. And then he finds this. Lawyer during the week, Vikings cheerleader on the weekend. It's kinda like a modern-day version of "Mary Tyler Moore," but with more Spandex and jumping/bouncing/jiggling. So, um, that's something.

Well, now The Ford feels kinda bad about breaking his promise to himself. Luckily, there's this story that really just makes everything seem a bit better. Though you'll probably appreciate it more if you constantly live with a vague sense of guilt over spending 40-60 hours a week getting paid to obsess over sports. Hey, at least someone is obsessing over more meaningless stuff out there.

Bodes well for The Ford, don'cha'know....


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