Thursday, April 06, 2006

Being a former Colorado resident, The Ford probably has more respect for serious facial hair than your average blogger.

I myself once, and will likely once again have, had a beard.

Which is why The Ford likes to spotlight sporting facial of distinction.

First up: John Smoltz.
Referred to in a recent publication of The Official Newspaper of The Official Blog of The Ford as "The Bearded Michigander," a brilliant nickname if ever The Ford heard one, he's as good a place as any to start. Not a stunning beard on the level of Jake Plummer or Matt Morris, but notable for its longevity.

Second: Matt Morris:
Sure, he's trimmed it since going from St. Louis to San Francisco, but this is still a major amount of face fur. How has he had this for so long, on so many of The Ford's fantasy baseball teams, without The Ford knowing he was carrying this soup strainer around.

Truly, a question for the ages.


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